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Ore Crusher

Generally, Ore Crusher is used to process big size ore, particle size is comparatively bigger, generally bigger than 8mm , can be widely used for mine, metallurgy, construction, water conservancy and chemical industry. Ore Crusher includes: jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical crusher, cone crusher, hammer mill and mobile crushing plant, etc.

Relevant Knowledge of Ore Crusher

Operation Method of Ore Crushing Equipment:

Inspection content must be inspected one by one before operation; (2) Oil pump shall be started firstly, motor can be started after oil return becomes normal; (3) You should specially pay attention to the sound of motor and crusher when starting, the machine should be stopped when there is any abnormal situation; (4) you can start to feed ore after the equipment operating normally; (5) when the machine stops operating, you should stop feeding, when there is no ore in the crushing cavity, the machine can be stopped; (6) the oil pump shall be stopped for feeding.

Daily Maintenance of Ore Crusher:

In order to ensure the ore crusher to be in good technological condition and be put into operation at any time, decrease accidental shutdown days, increase serviceability rate, utilization rate of the ore crusher, decrease wear and tear, extend use life of the ore crusher, lower operation and maintenance cost of the crusher, ensure safe production, you should strengthen daily maintenance work of the ore crusher; correctly handle the relation between maintenance and repairing, use without maintenance and repair without maintenance are not allowed.

Lubrication Maintenance of Ore crusher:

Do good lubrication works on friction surface timely can ensure normal operation of the ore crusher and extend use life of equipment. Lubrication grease added to the bearing block is 50-70% of the volume, it shall be changed every three month, when changing oil, you should use clean gas oil or coal oil washes track of the bearing pin roller carefully. When the toggle plate is in touch with the pad of the toggle plate, you must infuse the lubrication grease before operating the crusher.

Bearing Maintenance of the Ore Crusher:

The bearing portion is mostly easy damaged for large abrasion during operation, so frequent maintenance and grease adding can increase use life of bearing.

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